Career Development


Career Opportunities

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Marketing is one of the key disciplines in business for both companies and non-profit organizations, and interest in marketing is growing around the world. Marketing know-how is in particular demand in Asia, as the region’s major economies, once seen as primarily manufacturing bases, ascend the value chain and aspire to develop their own brands.

MScMARK graduates are equipped to become sought-after marketing professionals capable of making important contributions to their firms’ marketing activities. A broad range of career opportunities exists within consulting, advertising, and marketing research agencies. Graduates may even wish to leverage their sophisticated marketing skills to establish their own marketing enterprises.

Career Services & Enrichment

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The HKUST MScMARK program prepares students to start or advance their careers in marketing. The HKUST Business School’s MSc Career and Professional Development team provides guidance and other dedicated services for all full-time MSc students to help them succeed. This guidance includes:

  • Identifying students’ unique career-related interests, values, and capabilities
  • Enhancing students’ job search skills, preparing them to meet workplace requirements, and helping them with career management strategies
  • Providing access to opportunities for internships and full-time employment with a diverse group of recruiting firms and organizations
  • Providing one-on-one career coaching and career-related workshops and other training

The MSc Programs Office also arranges various enrichment activities and networking events for MSc students. These activities enable students to network with industry practitioners, including senior management and alumni, in Hong Kong and Mainland China.